SOC DNS Student Agreements ~ A Win-Win for Military

As a military student, you face many challenges that can slow your progression toward completing certificate and degree program requirements.  The mobile military lifestyle, deployment cycles, balancing family commitments, and being unaware of support resources are all challenging aspects of continuing your education. But do not let these stop you from reaching your career and […]

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Soliders and Hum-V

Certificate Programs that Leverage your Military Training

The Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC), in partnership with the Defense Department (DoD) and the Military Services, has developed a new Career and Technical Education (CTE) program that includes a Resource List to help identify credit-bearing certificate programs offered by degree-granting institutions that recognize and build upon military training and occupational experiences. The program identifies certificate […]

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Service member pointing at map

Kuder Journey: An Easy Transition to a Civilian Career

During your military career, you referred to it as a “mission”, and now in civilian life, you can call it a “journey.” Before heading out on any mission you listened to briefings, poured over intel, examined topography maps and used every tool you had at your disposal. You planned and left nothing to chance. Why […]

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Three cadets at the Naval Acadamy in Annapolis, Maryland walking accross campus

Tactical to Practical

In the military, you had the courage to do a lot of new things, and eventually you’ll be finding the courage to pursue a different career path. It takes commitment and drive to retrain and head into a new profession. Stay focused and know that DANTES can help you move forward when you’re ready for college […]

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Young soldier man using a digital tablet into his office

Communication Evolution

Military communication depends on the ability to reliably send and receive messages over long distances. Superior communications have often been the deciding factor in a battle. From semaphore flags to ship-to-shore communications, the military has always led the charge on the communication front. In the digital age, there’s a new communication category: Service member-to-school support. […]

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Service Member Walking on campus holding books

How to Ensure Your College Credits Transfer

As a Service member, you know there are no guarantees about where you’ll be stationed next. Your duties and your other personal responsibilities may take precedence over your college studies from time to time… but that’s no reason to stop pursuing your goal. Frequent moves are not your only deterrent either. When colleges presume students will stay […]

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Silhouette Of Young Female Student Celebrating Graduation

Benefits of the Joint Services Transcript

Benefits of the Joint Services Transcript: Frequently Asked Questions Do you remember just how much you have learned and accomplished during your time in the military? Your occupation training, leadership classes, joint training opportunities, and other military experiences could translate into college credit. One essential document you’ll need when you begin applying for college or […]

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teacher certification, meet with counselor

Teaching Certificate? We Can Help!

Standardized Tests Part 3: Teaching Certificate? We Can Help!   In our previous two posts we shared information on how DANTES will pay the fee for you to take tests you need for college admission and how to get credit-by-exam. But what if you want to earn a teacher’s certification? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. What Tests […]

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people shaking hands

Entrance Exams? We’ll Pick Up the Tab!

Standardized Tests, Part 1: Entrance Exams? We’ll Pick Up the Tab! Ask anyone: Tests are stressful. When you’re a kid, just the word “test” can make you start sweating and fidgeting. When you’re an adult, it’s even worse – in addition to the stress of the test itself, you also have to worry about paying […]

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Gunny with arms crossed and title "Credit by Examination"

Your Military Experience Could Be Worth College Credit

Your Military Experience Could Be Worth College Credit You’ve learned a lot doing your job, attending training courses and deploying around the world. Did you know that this military experience could be turned into college credit? That’s right; the job you did in the military could help you get a college degree. DANTES administers two […]

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college campus in the fall

Understanding the DoD MOU

Understanding the DoD MOU – OCTOBER 27, 2015 As you begin exploring your college, career, and post-Service options, you may come across the term “DoD MOU.” So, what is a DoD MOU, and what does it have to do with you and your future? It’s all about making sure that Service members like you get the educational […]

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Graduation ceremony, US Navy

Reach Your Goals With TA DECIDE

Reach Your Goals With TA DECIDE – OCTOBER 14, 2015 Are you ready to take your education to the next level but still have questions? Maybe you’re concerned about selecting the right school, choosing the right degree program, paying tuition, or just figuring out how to get started. If so, Tuition Assistance (TA) DECIDE is exactly the […]

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