testing with DANTES

Academic Skills Training Q&As

Need to improve your math and writing skills? In the military, strong academic skills, like math and writing, are extremely beneficial to your success in training and advancement in every occupational field. The Department of Defense (DoD) Voluntary Education (VolEd) program offers no-cost, self-paced, academic skills training courses to improve a member’s math and communications […]

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Find Military Education Benefits with MyVolEdPath

The MyVolEdPath Mobile App celebrated its one-year anniversary! The mobile app was released in April 2017, as a Defense education tool to help maximize the use of military education benefits. The app provides a simple way to connect you and other military users to education resources. Since the launch, service members have been using the […]

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Kuder Journey

Plan your Career with Kuder Journey

How do DANTES programs help me get my degree? Who can help me get started? Just the thought of pursuing a post-secondary education brings up several questions for many military members. The questions don’t stop either. Every military student pursuing a college degree has questions from time to time and throughout their education journey. As a […]

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DLRSA, online learning

Online Learning? Prepare with DLRSA

Where do I start? What school is right for me? Should I take online classes? Just the thought of pursuing a post-secondary education brings up several questions for many military members. And the questions don’t stop once you’ve started college classes either. Every military student pursuing a college degree has questions as you reach different […]

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Military Maintenance

Your Military Transcript Helps Reach Your Education Goals

How does my military transcript benefit my voluntary education? When working towards a college degree, you’ll rely heavily on your college transcript. You’ll use it to see how you are progressing and what is needed for degree completion. It includes all your course information, grades and grade point average.  Your college transcript is different from your military transcript. A military transcript […]

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Transportation, Distribution and Logistics offer Bright Career Opportunities

Learn How Logistics Experience Can Help Your Transition Whether managing a pre-deployment station, handing out ammunition, or performing inventory, logistics is something every service member has had some sort of experience with while serving in the military. “Bright Outlook” occupations in the Transportation, Distribution or Logistics career fields are out there waiting for you and other […]

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Jumpstart Your Education with MyVolEd Path

From foot soldiers and horses to armed drones and stealth battleships, if there’s one constant for the military, it’s evolution. The evolution in tactics, weapons and technologies have made the greatest impact on modern military personnel and this means YOU! Impact of Technology When asked about the future role of technology and its impact on […]

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Save Money and Time with DANTES Education Programs

Statistically, individuals with a college degree earn a significantly higher salary than those without and service members are no exception. Military members face many challenges while trying to juggle duty commitments, family obligations, and pursuit of personal education goals. A focused effort can lead to advancement opportunities while serving and a successful career after transitioning into […]

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Help the Next Generation become Better American Citizens

Many military members have outstanding leadership and communication skills, adapt well to any situation, and have incredible discipline and initiative. These are all traits and qualities many employers would be happy to have in an employee. They are also skills and traits that fit well with teachers or instructors. Military members who are transitioning or […]

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Service member at desk taking exam

DANTES Exams Program Proves More User-Friendly in 2016

DoD’s Voluntary Education (VolEd) Program and the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) offer and fund a variety of examination programs to help Service members achieve their education and professional development goals. In 2016, more than 90,990 exams were administered for college entrance and recommended college credit. Here are four highlights of the past […]

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Service member reading text book

Three (3) Reasons to Take an Alternate Route to College Credit

If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic, you’ve probably thought: “There’s got to be a way around this mess!” So, you take out your smartphone and begin searching for an alternate route, and then you wait…horns honking, cars creeping…you inch forward.  Suddenly, success! “Just take the next…Exit, and…” Yep, “the next Exit” is 10 feet […]

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