Become a Business Teacher with Troops to Teachers

Bright Outlook Occupation

According to the Department of Labor, teaching careers are considered Bright Outlook occupations. Teacher assistants and teaching positions will likely increase over the next few years. The increase will primarily be at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Teaching in high needs subjects such as mathematics, science, and special education may yield the highest job opportunities, but teaching business or economics at the high school level are also viable options. If you have a business-related degree, employment educating high school students may be the perfect option. Be prepared for certification and other teaching requirements though. They may be required, depending on the state.

Why Business?

Business majors possess the broad-based knowledge of marketing, management, finance, and accounting to carry out this role effectively. Strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills are necessary to engage with students. Planning and presenting stimulating lessons are keys to success as a teacher. Business majors can draw upon the wide array of instructional approaches which they have witnessed during service in the military and while completing their degree. After gaining teaching experience, those with advanced education and academic administrative skills may find opportunities for career progression by pursuing careers in Education Administration.

Troops to Teachers

The Troops to Teachers (TTT) program exists to help make the pathway easier to becoming a teacher after military service. Service members, veterans, potential program participants and education counselors should visit the TTT website to learn more about the program and state-specific teaching requirements. Check it out and apply today!

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Kirstin Savage

Kirstin Savage

Kirstin Savage serves as the command customer service specialist for the Communications Division and develops and delivers multimedia outreach products. With more than 20 years of service in the DANTES Examinations Program and Troops to Teachers, she was awarded the CCME William E. Kennedy Award in 2012 for her superior efforts. From Washington State, she is a cooking enthusiast and enjoys family, friends and traveling.