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Communication Evolution

Military communication depends on the ability to reliably send and receive messages over long distances. Superior communications have often been the deciding factor in a battle. From semaphore flags to ship-to-shore communications, the military has always led the charge on the communication front. In the digital age, there’s a new communication category: Service member-to-school support.

DANTES, in conjunction with the Department of Defense, is now offering access to tutoring services for eligible Service members and family members.  These services provide online tutoring around the clock and around the globe – talk about a leap forward in communications! Cloud-based tutoring services are accessible from any internet-enabled device, including your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and there’s no cost to Service members! No monthly fee or pay per use – it’s totally free.

Any qualified student can connect live to a tutor for one-on-one assistance in more than 40 educational subjects at all skill levels. If you’re having trouble with trigonometry or struggling with science, DANTES/DoD’s tutoring services can help.  A staff of more than 3,000 vetted academic tutors instruct and mentor students to help ensure their educational success, anytime, anywhere. Keeping the lines of communication open 24/7 with tutoring services will help ensure your success on the front line of the classroom. Visit for more information.

Visit the DANTES website for more details.

Watch this video to learn more.

Find out if you’re qualified.

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Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander is a native of Alabama and a retired Air Force Master Sergeant with 24 years of dedicated service. She is responsible for the DANTES Information Bulletin (DIB) monthly newsletter and all other Communication Division visuals. ROLL TIDE!