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Military Experience and Training Matters!

Military Experience and Training Matters!

You’ve been trained by the best and stood watch, shoulder to shoulder, with the finest leaders, operators and technicians in the Armed Services; but, now you’re ready to retire. As you consider your transition, you may be wondering if all your training and experience will mean anything in the civilian workforce?

As a part of the Department of Defense Voluntary Education (VolEd) community, the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) has partnered with the American Council on Education (ACE) to systematically review military training and experiences for the purposes of providing college credit recommendations.  You may be able to use these credit recommendations to achieve certifications, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees.

So, how do you find all your ACE recommended college credits?  Well, the good news is, for most services, ACE recommended credits can be found within your Joint Services Transcript (JST) and it’s totally free. Go to the DANTES website and download your JST today.

Visit your Education Services Office and DANTES website to discover more DoD education programs available to you.

JST 101.

Learn more about credit recommendations.

Download your JST.




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Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander is a native of Alabama and a retired Air Force Master Sergeant with 24 years of dedicated service. She is responsible for the DANTES Information Bulletin (DIB) monthly newsletter and all other Communication Division visuals. ROLL TIDE!