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Your Military Experience Could Be Worth College Credit

Your Military Experience Could Be Worth College Credit

You’ve learned a lot doing your job, attending training courses and deploying around the world. Did you know that this military experience could be turned into college credit? That’s right; the job you did in the military could help you get a college degree.

DANTES administers two credit-by-examination programs, CLEP and DSST, that can qualify you for earned college credits before you even take your first college class. And it gets even better: If you are a Service member, DANTES pays for your examinations. You read that right. DANTES pays.

Here’s how it works: After looking through your college course catalog, you realize that some of the classes you need for your degree covers material that you already know. In fact, you could probably pass every test in those classes today, without ever opening a book. You deserve to benefit from your experience and knowledge, and DANTES will help you do just that.

With tests in more than 60 subject areas, the credit-by-examination programs will set you well on your way to earning a degree with less time spent in the classroom. Simply put, you can get earned college credits for exams you take and pass – saving you time and money.

Visit the DANTES website for more details!

Watch this video on Examinations to learn more.

Start registration for CLEP or DSST.



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Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander is a native of Alabama and a retired Air Force Master Sergeant with 24 years of dedicated service. She is responsible for the DANTES Information Bulletin (DIB) monthly newsletter and all other Communication Division visuals. ROLL TIDE!